First of all Herbalife has over 26 years experience in developing science based nutrition. It has its own dedicated team of expert nutritionists and health professionals on an International Nutrition Advisory Board.

Every day millions of satisfied Herbalife customers enjoy healthy balanced nutrition. The top selling core nutrition product is the Formula 1 meal replacement shake powder. Globally over one million shakes are consumed daily !

What makes Herbalife Weight Loss so successful ?
The weight loss programmes are based on the meal replacement idea but with Herbalife the body receives all the nutrients it needs to perform better. The Meal Replacement Shake Powder along with the personalised protein powder makes two shakes to replace two meals. You then eat a healthy evening meal of your choice. It versatile, easy to make and available in a range of tasty flavours.

Included within a made up shake the body receives all the nutrients it needs along with invaluable soy protein. Soy protein acts as a natural hunger suppressant so you no longer feel like having unhealthy fat laden snacks – which help to pile on weight.

Also, protein consumed by anyone on a daily basis, as part of a diet low in saturated fat, can help reduce blood cholesterol.

So You Don’t Snack On Unhealthy Foods Because You Are Not Feeling Hungry

You are so much more likely to follow any weight loss programme if you are not hungry.

The Multivitamin Complex also included in the programmes gives all essential vitamins, minerals, calcium, iron etc but also gives a boost of B vitamins which will help turn your fuel (food) into energy.

So You Feel Energised, Well And You Are Not Feeling Hungry

As part of any Herbalife weight loss programme you receive encouragement and support from your very own Wellness Coach. Someone to help keep you on track always helps when following any weight loss programme.

Herbalife also has a range of healthy snacks like chocolate protein bars, protein drinks and roasted soy nuts. So even if you do feel like the odd snack or healthy dessert you can without the worry.

There is also a range of ‘Weight Loss Enhancers’ available, for example the Thermojetics Herbal Beverage. Again, available in tasty flavours this tea will help with your daily fluid intake but also includes Green Tea Extract which will naturally help speed metabolism and has naturally occurring caffeine keeping you alert and have a feeling of general well being.

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