Minn Kota (MK) has introduced its Talon shallow water pole or spike anchoring system. Unlike other brands of pole anchoring brands, the Minn Kota Talon anchoring system is based on an electro-mechanical, rather than hydraulic, design. MK believes this is a significant point of differentiation since it makes its system quieter, easier to install, more durable and quicker to deploy. Like other pole anchors, it is also environmentally friendly causing little to no damage to vegetation on the bottom. Cabelas Talon anchoring system comes with a full manufacturers warranty.

Anglers who fish in shallow waters, fresh Brand Anchor or salt, are likely to be familiar with pole anchoring systems. They have been around for many years. Hundreds of thousands of systems have been sold to satisfied customers around the world. They are a proven product based on a sound concept. Overall, MK claims its product provides unparalleled and superior performance versus competing products.

Talon allows anglers to quickly and quietly stop and position their boat right where the fish are biting. The system allows anglers to fish more productively without wasting unnecessary time fiddling with the anchor.

The MK product has significant new features compared to other pole anchor systems. One key feature is its auto Pole Up-Down drive feature. This involves a quick one-touch press of a button to activate a fully automatic deployment process. It eliminates the need to place continuous pressure on the button until the spike is fully deployed.

Stowing is just as just as easy. It also is achieved with a quick one-touch button press. Talon can be operated from the control panel or wireless remote control pad.

Importantly, the product provides a solid and secure holding power, the most powerful holding force in its class. The exclusive auto drive feature drives the pole into the bottom using a trio of successive drives. Each drive is powered by a stronger force. The aim of this three-hit process is to drive the pole deeper with more grip than any competing product.

When current and breeze strengthen, the MK product has a Rough Water mode. Using this one-touch facility, anglers can activate to repeat the three-hit drive process at ten-second intervals. This drives the pole deeper, providing an even stronger holding power.

Given its avoidance of hydraulics, Minn Kota Talon anchoring system is easier and less expensive to install. It has a minimal footprint and requires less space overall. Its versatility of movement, both vertically and front-back tilt (up to 30 degrees), allows mounting on any boat configuration without need for modifications. Leading outdoor outfitter Cabelas can supply you with trolling motors Talon anchoring system and much more.

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