Yes it is really true. Safety harnesses can save lives and reduce the risk of serious injury but there is one side-note to this statement, one small little detail that many folks seem to dismiss for whatever reason. Are you ready for it? Here is it is. The big reveal…

Safety harnesses only save if you use them!

Amazing isn’t it? With all the fall protection equipment we have available to us, still many people are not protecting themselves from serious injury or death from working with heights, at work, whether at home on the roof, putting up lights, or even at play.

Here is a sobering thought for you.

• Non-Intentional falling is the number one cause of injury:

In 2009 According to the National Center for Injury Prevention Non-Intentional falls were the number one source of non-fatal injuries for 2009 with over 8,765,597 injuries ranging in all categories. While not of these statistics are due to heights, with over 8 million reported cases, you can be sure that many were.

Not sobering enough for you?

Here is a tidbit of information for my friends in the construction industry.

• In 2009 nearly 50% of FATAL injuries happened on construction sites.

Did that wake you Sober living near you up? I hope so, because last time I checked, life was just too precious to be cut short by something that can be avoided. Of course nothing short of locking yourself in a room with food and water can guarantee you total and complete safety, nor I would recommend it as that sounds very boring and what kind of a life is that anyways?

Ok, I hear you now what?

You can protect yourself from death or serious injury by using a safety harness

Now that we have established that you are indeed wise in wanting to take care of your health let’s talk about what you need to do. Ready to take the next step?

Know what you need to stay safe:

It is important to use several key components in conjunction with each other to provide the maximum protection from injury or death in event of a fall. By using the equipment listed below, you are well on y our way to creating your own customized fall arrest protection system. Two of the main categories for personal fall protection are as follows:

• Fall Arrest-Should be used at a minimum of four feet in height or more.

• Suspension– Used mainly for window washing or painting. Allows for hands free work.

These systems generally consist the following:

• Full body safety harness

• Connecting device / lanyard or fall lifeline

• Anchorage connector otherwise known as a tie-off point

Safety harnesses, (full body harness) come in a variety of styles with options for ease of use, connection points, D-ring options, comfort, personal fit and buckle types.

Connecting devices, such as a lanyard connects to the safety harness, which in turn is connected to the anchorage or “tie-off” point. There are many things to take into account in determining what type and length of lanyard should be used depending on how much fall clearance you have.

A wide variety of full body safety harnesses are available for work and recreational use as well as home use. There are safety harnesses used mainly for construction, for window washing, Tree Climbing, Electrical work, Lineman, Oil rigging, roofing as well as general purpose just to name a few.

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